PUBG Is It Still the Champion This Year?

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PUBG Is It Still the Champion This Year?

Post by YeahImAussie »


I don't know about you but I still love PUBG in 2021 and even though it's got a big loot box system and other purchase-focused ideals. I have to say it's on my top 10 list in 2021.

PUBG Is tried and tested. If you're looking for a fully-featured engaging battle royal experience on your mobile device? then PUBG is for you.

I often find myself popping in and playing a few matches. It's a staple if you like BR-style games.

The beauty with PUBG is you don't have to spend any money, over the years I've gathered a few great outfits and gun skins that to newer players are unobtainable. so even though it's free now it might be cool later.

Just play it slow and unlock stuff for free. Throw a few bucks in when you get some major first purchase bonus or similar. I've played for a few years now and I've spent 20$ I've had way more fun than I've spent.

I personally find all the fancy outfits make you stand out more and often is the reason you get sniped. A bright purple shirt with yellow embellishments and a fluorescent green backpack is a sniper's wet dream.
My pro tip: Equipe clothes that are the same color as the grass and you will blend in more.
The same goes with gun skins unless a skin gives you some perk or blends into the surroundings why use it.

Again this is me just assuming most people like these fancy outfits, I don't rush often, I take my time.

And ultimately it's your choice and this is another great reason why PUBG is awesome, because if Tinkerbell wants to dress like Dracula that time of the month it can for a price.

Allowing members the freedom to express themselves.

Anyway, what is everyone else going to rate PUBG?

I give it an 8.5/10 - (Sidenote: we should get a game rating system set up in the forum).

If you haven't given pubg ago I really suggest trying it, the hype is real. ... n_AU&gl=US
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