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Building On The Ranking System - Gamer Raid Forum Game

Post by YeahImAussie »

G'day guys, I've been building on the current built-in forum Post Rank Game - And the G Points system,
I'll write a detailed post on how these will work and be tallied.
hopefully one day we can have some decent prize rewards but for now, you will just have to enjoy a free backlink to a social or website of your choice, Forum fame, and bragging rights.

Currently, how we have it set up: Your forum character starts by earning hearts with every few posts you make in the forum until you max out hearts. Then you move on to sets of armour, eventually earning a full set.

Once you hit 10k forum posts you get an even more elaborate badge and title.

You can see the rank badge images, titles & Post count required to achieve them here: app.php/userranks/ranks

Currently, we are just earning rank badge images and bragging rights, but what if we rewarded members with more forum perks as they reach higher ranks.

Such as
  • Higher Privileges forum wide.
  • Bonus G Points.
  • Linked Accounts
  • Remove Advertising
And other cool stuff.

If you like this idea let me know, I'll be working on a way to tie it all in together with some back story or something to give it some substance.

Give me a hand and some feedback leave a reply on this topic.
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